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The Spotlights on: Lili Kendall

Our spotlight is on singer/songwriter from Brisbane Australia, Lili Kendall!

At the young age of 14, Lili has already self-produced her first debut EP, Place Unknown, a heartfelt compilation of four melodic songs.

Not only does the budding pop sensation have a vocal range far beyond her years, Lili also accompanies her lyrics with the soothing sounds of her acoustic guitar.

We got to know Lili and her parents in 2010, when they traveled to Nashville to attend our Young Performers Bootcamp. Lili had just celebrated her 13th birthday before her arrival, and our team was amazed by both her singing and her songwriting abilities.

Since that time, Lili has recorded her first EP with Gold Coast producer Shane Graham, did some singing in China, and then hosted an EP launch party at the Music Kafe in West End, Brisbane.

After traveling from Australia to Nashville for our Bootcamp, we heard this from Lili’s mom: “There is always a feeling of ‘I hope we get something out of it’ when you are traveling so far and spending so much money to attend something. The great news it that Lili got far more from bootcamp than we expected and also walked away with the tools she badly needed to give her more confidence and direction on stage.” Kim Kendall

We look forward to hearing more about Lili’s music career in the future. But for right now, we’re glad she’s here Backstage with us – because all signs point to Lili Kendall being serious about becoming a successful live show artist!

Jodi Marcum

Jodi Marcum is Tom Jackson's assistant, working with everything from bookings to workshops, and blogs to web design! Having been a touring artist herself, Jodi enjoys helping other artists see the potential their live show has and the effectiveness of Tom's Live Music Methods for their career. And as a mom and grandma, she finds it easy to keep the Tom Jackson Productions family organized and healthy!

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  1. Lili Kendall is amazing for someone of her age. With a supportive family behind her, she has the potential to be something big. She is already something very special.

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