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Hey, Camp Electric!

Hey, Camp Electric. It’s good to see you guys again. It was a great year, and I hope to see you again next year. But until then, I want to remind you that I’ll be sending out emails: v-logs, blogs like this, stuff that you can learn, and tips about what to do on stage. […]

Come join us September 25th and 26th

Hey, Tom Jackson here. A lot of you have been on my email list for years and years and years. I appreciate it, and I hope it’s been helpful. But today I want to talk to you about our Bootcamp coming up September 25th and 26th. This is a really unique event. It’s going to […]

Video Blog #1 – Welcome & Movement

We work with a lot of different artists, from country to rock to pop to psycho billy punk horror . No matter the genre, the desire in your artistry is to be legitimate to the style you’re performing. You want to present cohesiveness to the audience so they understand who you are. Movement has a […]

Tom Jackson Here

Square Logo-1

Tom Jackson here. Hope all is well! Last week, some of you may have seen that one of the artists I’ve worked with debuted at #1 on Billboard. As I reflected on it, I realized that 3 artists I’ve worked with have topped the Billboard charts this year. That number doesn’t include artists I’ve worked […]

7 Webinars That Will Rock Your Image!

Lori Bumgarner (paNASH Style) with Tom, Amy, and Lang on our Bootcamp industry panel

What in the world is image consulting anyway, and why should you care? Our friend, Lori Bumgarner (paNASH), is leading 7 webinars over the next few weeks, and we think you should check them out — because you really should care. Lori’s first webinar on April 20 is free (did we say FREE?) — yes, free! Lori […]

5 Do’s to Optimize Your Success

Don't play without knowing the rules

If you are a songwriter, you know… there are basic rules to follow when writing for radio. The normal structure goes intro/ verse/ chorus/ verse/ chorus/ bridge/ chorus. It’s important to have it the right length (about 3 1/2 minutes long), and be sure and get to the chorus within the first minute (sooner, if possible). And so […]

Songwriter with Style and Passion: Seth Glier

Seth Glier singer songwriter

To call singer and multi-instrumentalist Seth Glier a prolific songwriter would be an understatement!  Consistently honing his craft, this young gifted artist has just released his 4th album, If I Could Change One Thing (MPress), and the songwriting that made it possible was extensive and passionate.  “This album is one I am most proud of to date,” says Glier. “Making […]

Tips and Tricks on How to Become a Better Performer

Rick Barker gives artist feedback at Tom Jackson Bootcamp

Imagine you could talk to any person in the music industry about your career. Anyone! Who would you choose? An artist who’s been successful? A great songwriter you’d like to learn from? Maybe you’d like to hear from a great manager and someone who knows how to propel an artist’s career forward — someone like my friend Rick […]

Caravan of Thieves: Beauty & Danger of Love on KISS KISS

Caravan of Thieves

Gypsy folk troubadours Caravan of Thieves just released their new album, KISS KISS, and have started their spring tour across the US, sharing their passion for all things creative, colorful, and visionary! When Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni of Caravan of Thieves first met, there was an instant spark, an intimate connection and passion for life and […]

3 Parts of Communication: Are You Using them All?


As an artist, you know your songs are all different. They have different themes, different rhythms, different tones. They really don’t sound the same at all! I’m guessing they probably have different lyrics, too. Some of them are about a love you lost. Some of them are about something that makes you happy. Some of […]