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Frustrated With Your Music Career?

Comfort zone and magic

I’ve been traveling a lot lately — meeting new people, connecting with old friends… seeing artists, industry, management, bands, producers… And on every side of the industry I hear the frustrations so many people are having with their music, their shows, and their careers! Recently, I talked to someone who has been in the industry […]

If You Ask, They Will Answer


Garvin Clements is an artist from Belfast Ireland. He plays in a band called Decomposing in Paris. He asked us a question. Why should you care? Glad you asked! You see, Garvin and his band have been following Tom, his advice, and our website for 3 years. They’ve watched Tom’s DVDs, read his book, and […]

One In a Million: Charles Walker Band

Charles Walker Band

Their fusion of sounds — funk, pop, R&B, Motown — into a unique, soulful feel, makes the Charles Walker Band one in a million! Though compared to an array of musicians (Prince, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, James Brown), their music retains deep gospel influences and positive lyrical messages. Charles Walker, on sax and keys, was […]

The 1 Thing a CD Can Never Contain

Solo singer full of emotion

Performing artists still have it… that 1 thing. Something a CD can’t contain. It can’t be duplicated, digitized, or downloaded. And you can only get it if you’re in the same room. The Booming Concert Industry Catching up on my reading on a recent long flight, I grabbed an article that caught my eye in […]

AJ Jansen: Creative Drive in a Winning Package

AJ Jansen

Talented. Edgy. Driven. Singer/songwriter AJ Jansen, whose style and voice have been compared to Jewel, Shania Twain, & Stevie Nicks, grew up in New England, being influenced by music at an early age. She began performing at age 6 and writing songs at age 10. At 18, she performed to an audience of 500… then […]

Boot Stompin’ Roots: The Welch Brothers

The Welch Brothers

Brothers David, Nate & Jonny Welch, have been singing together for as long as they can remember! Growing up in a musical family, and living in both North Carolina and California, the The Welch Brothers developed a taste for both country and rock. That combination, along with their tight, 3-part harmonies, has created an easy to […]

Is It Possible to Over-Prepare Your Show?

Listening through headphones

I’m not a big fan of early sound checks. Yeah, I know — sometimes it’s necessary. But whenever our band would arrive at a venue 5 hours early, set up, and do our sound check, it seemed like the day would drag on. When it was time for the show, I’d feel uninspired and tired. […]

How Soon Should You Work on Your Show?

Tom working with singer songwriter

I’ve gotten both kinds of calls — the kind where I’m asked to help an artist with their show 1-2 months in advance of a tour or showcase, and the kind where I’m supposed to be the “fix-it” guy working with someone a few days before a big, important show. So when is the best […]

Indie Artist Brings in $150K for Charity & $10K for Themselves

Doug and Linda Tidwell with ChildFund International

“Over 70 sponsors today, Tom!” The call came in after indie artists Doug and Linda Tidwell did a concert in a San Antonio, Texas elementary school for about 200 kids. As artists who work hard on their onstage appeal and advocacy for ChildFund International, it was no surprise they got a great response! But let […]

4 Rules to Follow So You are the Opening Act they Remember

Stacy Stone showcase

In 1991, Pearl Jam opened for the Smashing Pumpkins and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In Kim Neely’s Pearl Jam book Five Against One, drummer Dave Abbruzzese said, “We’d play for 30 minutes, and it was like the Smashing Pumpkins had to earn their 30 minutes, and the Peppers had to earn theirs. By the […]