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Summer Sweat (for Success!)

Sweat and hard work

Vacation from the drudgery of work & stale daily routines… sunny beaches and sounds of surf & seagulls… boating with the feel of wind & salt spray in your face… Summer means ‘play time,’ right? Ever since Kindergarten, we were conditioned to know summer meant no school and a lot of goofing off. We still […]

Bonding Lessons and “Let It Go”

Let It Go

You have been living under the proverbial rock if you haven’t heard “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen recently (or one of its 1000’s of parodies). YouTube views of almost a quarter of a billion! And that’s not counting the covers and parodies, which are as diverse as a mom and dad duo in the […]

One Product that Always Sells!

Merch Table at Event

Many artists — whether singer, songwriter, band, instrumentalist — have a product of some kind to sell to fans. Most have a CD. Or (in this day and age) at least some downloads available online. Maybe an EP. Even some of the youngest artists I work with have a few tracks recorded and available for […]

Persistence… or Foolishness?

Lead Singer Onstage

We’re told to be persistent. Keep trying… don’t give up… it’s the only way you’ll win. Follow that with “perseverance.” Then add the word “patient,” and you’ve got the popular trio, the supposed “true keys to success!” However, Mark Twain said “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again — then give up. There’s […]

I Know Who’ll Win the NBA Championship


I love sports – and the NBA Playoffs are always exciting to watch! What I love about them (besides the obvious talent of people like Lebron James, Tim Duncan, Dwyane Wade, etc.) is the strategy — from the coaches perspective — that goes into winning the game. I even enjoy the interviews after the games. […]

Lessons Learned: Spose and the Record Deal

Band performing live

Record labels convince naive kids they’re rock stars. Then they “cast” artists in a role to fit what they need, they write songs by committee, and their whole world revolves around the “second single.” Now before all of you in the recording industry start writing nasty comments and emails to me, I’m not the one […]

You Learned What from Who?

Tom Jackson teaching at CMW

Ever read the comic strip Tiger? In one of those strips years ago, the little boy Tiger and his kid brother are discussing their dog. The little brother claimed he’d taught the dog to whistle. Peering at the dog for a moment, Tiger declares, “I don’t hear him whistling.” To which the brother exclaims, “I […]

Performance Blind Spots

Singer looking down

The advent of the cell phone, personal tablet, hand held video game, etc., has created a preoccupation in our society with things that display information but don’t create real connection to others. If I met you for the first time and was looking at my iPhone the whole while, saying, “yeah, it’s great to meet […]

Don’t Play Without Knowing the Rules

Don't play without knowing the rules

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series 7 Deadly Sins

We don’t like rules. We think rules limit us and box us in. We don’t like being told what to do. But what if there were no rules when you played a game? You get three strikes in the baseball game, but the other team decides they get five strikes whenever they’re up to bat. […]

Getting Ready to Be Ready

Gimmie Shelter

You never know. You hear the stories from the artists who were ‘discovered’ at some random moment. Some A&R guy came to some random band, loved them and boom, a record deal was on the table. Granted, this doesn’t happen often anymore, but your audience is filled with potential fans who will be with you […]