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Southern Rock Roots: The Remedy

The Remedy

Friends and brothers growing up on the same street in the same rural Georgia town, The Remedy connected as a group through a string of events. Although the boys had known each other for a lifetime, it was actually their passions that brought them together onstage for the first time when guitar player, Josh, needed […]

Spotlight: The Heart of Yvonne Hartman

Yvonne Hartman Music

If you’ve had “one of those days,” says singer/songwriter Yvonne Hartman, she’s probably got a song for you! Curling up with a hot cup of tea and one of Yvonne’s 50+ songs might just be the remedy for bad days and tough times, because her songs of inspiration pull from her own life experiences and […]

Which ebook Format for Tom’s Book?

Tom Jackson Live Music Method Book

I’ve been tasked with the job of getting Tom’s Live Music Method Book ready for ebook publishing. Yikes! Where do I begin? There are numerous kinds of formats to use. For instance, the Kindle version is called .mobi. And then there’s the ePUB format which works for anyone who wants to read it on iBooks, […]

Free Studio Demo Recording for Top Performer at Bootcamp

Roger Ryan

Grammy/Dove nominated, Juno Award winning producer Roger Ryan has generously offered to give a Top Performer award to one of our Bootcamp Showcase artists this fall: a free studio demo recording! Roger’s work has run the full spectrum of the music industry and spanned a wide range of genres. Roger says for him, “music is […]

50% Off a New Website

Section 101 Offer 50 Off

I can’t tell you how many times I receive information from artists and bands who use one of their social networks as a website. While it’s great to have those places to network, nothing is as good as having your own website! I understand that many of you may not know how to put together […]

The Secret to Making Money with Your Music


This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Empowered Artist Movement

Here’s another video from our friend Bob Baker. In terms of the “why” of doing music, Tom always says it’s the Music, Message, Me, and Money. In this video, Bob describes his version of they “why” — and why it’s important to recognize those reasons when you start asking people to pay for the privilege […]

How to Find Your Voice and Signature Style as an Artist


This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Empowered Artist Movement

Empowered? Bob Baker is tired of creative people being treated as 2nd-class citizens (even by themselves), when the truth is, “we are the ones who create the culture, innovation, & new ideas humanity needs now more than ever.” We agree… and Bob has given us permission to share some of his encouraging & helpful videos… […]

Songwriter’s Block: What Do Berklee & James Linderman Say?


Not long ago, we received an email from a songwriter in response to the question of getting over “songwriter’s block.” But not just any songwriter… this particular songwriter is James Linderman, who lives and works at theharmonyhouse, a music lesson, songwriting and recording pre-production facility in Newmarket, Ontario. He teaches guitar, piano and theory as […]

Does Style Matter? — Special Offer from paNASH Style

Lori Bumgarner of paNASH Style

Does it matter what you look like on the stage? I’m guessing most of you agree with me that it does! If you are anything like me, you care what you wear when you’re standing in front of any audience, big or small. After all, Tom says 55% of communication is visual — so your […]

Building Depth & Building a Career: Keith Andrew Grim

Keith Andrew Grim

Keith Andrew Grim, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter from Dallastown, Pennsylvania, has been making a strong & steady growth in his concerts and his career. For the last 24 years, Keith has played at churches and community events, giving his audiences a mix of acoustic guitar & vocals influenced by folk/pop, classic rock, country, and classical […]