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Road Show Bootcamp

Artists who have benefited from Tom’s Live Music Method:

The Band Perry
CMA New Artist of the Year

Juno award winning
Divine Brown

Francesca Battistelli
Dove Artist of the Year

Get YOUR show on the road with this 1-day event!

Dates & Locations:
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Ready to take a step forward with your career? This 1-day workshop will inspire & motivate you to take your live show to the next level. And Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method will give you the opportunity & tools needed to help you accomplish that!

Discover the secrets successful artists have learned from Tom’s Method: Taylor Swift, Jars of Clay, Divine Brown, Gloriana, Jordin Sparks, Casting Crowns, and many others.

Road Show Bootcamp is a FULL DAY of classes and hands-on demos that will help make you and your music absolutely memorable!

Plus, you may get a chance to showcase one of your songs. And for those artists who show potential as a Bootcamp Top Performer, you may even get the opportunity to: rehearse with a Live Music Producer, work with a record producer, get top of the line audio gear, work with a songwriter, or more!

“It’s been a week since Bootcamp, and I’m still on a high. What you do might be so everyday for you, but for me it was transformational. Change begins in the thoughts, and last weekend changed my paradigm in a big way.” Brydon Brett, indie artist


Individual Registration* None Currently Scheduled


add_to_cartBand Registration (4-6 people*) None Currently Schedule


* $45/person (maximum $50/group) non-refundable cancellation fee until 2 weeks before event; no refunds within 2 weeks of event; ask about rates for 7 or more; $75 showcase fee applicable if selected


“Bootcamp changed my life… from how I interact with my audience to how I create a set list, your teaching helped sky rocket my merch sales. Last week I sold $500 in merch, which before may have been only $30-50!” Kevin Neidig, indie artist

“The best description for your Bootcamp is ‘eye opening.’ You have shown us tools and given us a fresh perspective to allow us to make a leap to the next level as showmen rather than just good bar band performers.” Brian, lead singer, KURTIS

Learn to:


Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • Change your “songs” into “memorable moments”
  • Turn a set list into a captivating show
  • Visually, verbally, musically connect to your audience
  • Go from small stage to the big stage
  • Control an audience
  • How to be a compelling, confident performer
  • Knowing what should happen in rehearsals
  • The ability to create moments for your show
  • Confidence and authority onstage
  • And much, much MORE!

Featuring a Certified Tom Jackson Associate Live Music Producer:

Amy Wolter, Live Music Producer

Amy Wolter works with artists at all levels, empowering them to have confidence and authority onstage. She captures the vision of each artist and creates dynamic moments in their show, transforming it into a captivating performance!

As a certified Live Music Producer with a multi-layered musical background, Amy offers years of experience onstage to singers and bands who won’t settle for “good enough.” She loves the challenge of taking an artist to the next level.

“Hiring Amy was one of the best things we did. Since working with her, Festival Producers have told us we’re one of the best live bands they’ve ever seen. Merch sales will increase, but most importantly you’ll feel a greater connection with your audience.” Dan Huie, Reilly


Lang Bliss, Live Music Producer

Having learned about being onstage while touring the US and Australia, doing 500 shows a year over a 4-year time span, and touring with major artists for over 20 years, Lang Bliss wants to pass on his knowledge, training, and experience to other artists!

A Certified Live Music Producer with Tom Jackson, Lang has worked with artists, indie and major, and taught Tom’s Live Music Methods to artists and bands across the country.

Working with Lang was a great experience. His instincts were spot on, and he shares his knowledge in such a helpful, creative way. I honestly can’t imagine preparing for another tour without him!” Francesca Battistelli, Dove Award winner

That’s not all – you may get a chance to perform!

Bootcamp attendees may have a chance to showcase a song, and get a candid, honest assessment of where they are as an artist. Learn from an industry pro how you can make your performance better, and take a step up from where you are now.

Plus, we’ll be giving honors to Top Performers who show potential – valuable awards such as Live Music Producing for your show, recording sessions with award-winning producers, gear for your show, and more!

For full details, click here…

Plus, watch mini-makeovers with artists onstage!

“If you care about the songs you’ve written, you should care about the  way you’re getting them across. What a record producer is to the  studio, a live music producer is to the stage… Tom Jackson Productions folks are all passionate about what they do. And as far as I know, they’re the only ones doing it.” Diona Devincenzi, singer/songwriter

You’ll be amazed how the concepts will be driven home as you watch a Live Music Producer apply Tom Jackson’s Live Music Methods to performers onstage. The same concepts they use when working live shows with artists such as Taylor Swift, Jars of Clay, NewSong, The Band Perry, and Francesca Battistelli, as well as indie artists such as yourself!



Individual Registration* None currently scheduled


add_to_cartBand Registration (4-6 people*) None Currently Scheduled


* $45/person (maximum $50/group) non-refundable cancellation fee until 2 weeks before event; no refunds within 2 weeks of event; ask about rates for 7 or more; $75 showcase fee applicable if selected


The Road Show Bootcamp, featuring the Live Music Method, is produced by Tom Jackson Productions