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Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method Book

“Tom makes a major impact… he’s a true creative partner who helps realize the artist’s full performance potential.” Matt Serletic, Producer (Santana, Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas)

“Tom’s teaching on performance is the most insightful and comprehensive I’ve ever seen on the subject.” Dez Dickerson, former guitarist for Prince

“This book is really an important piece of work and I look forward to incorporating it into our curriculum.” John Kellogg, Berklee College of Music

Reach your full potential as a performer & master any stage you’re on!

There are a multitude of books about the music industry. This is the first to approach it from the live show perspective. It’s a “one of a kind,” and 2 books in 1: a book to improve your live show, and a book to increase your live show revenue.

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First, learn to apply Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method so you can become the performer you’ve always wanted to be:

  • Find out what a rarified few stars understand
  • Discover skills that separate 1 artist from another
  • Hold your audience in the palm of your hand
  • Learn to craft a memorable, compelling show

Then, Tom lays out his Live Music Business Principles to show you:

  • Where most artists really make their money
  • 5 Streams of Revenue from your show that help establish your career in music
  • How you can connect with organizations willing to pay you when you play live

Being onstage is the ultimate rush for most musicians. All the practice & investment of time, energy & money culminates when you walk out onstage.

This book will help you make the most of it!

* Handling fee still applies for most int’l shipping


If you already own Tom’s DVDs, you’ll love the additional material this book covers! Additional graphs for longer and shorter sets, how (and when!) to speak to your audience, Tom’s method of getting a vision for each song and how to uncover the moments during rehearsal, a time-proven business model that will increase your income and build a strong fan base, and much, much more!



“I’ve loved his live workshops, loved his videos, and I’m so glad there’s finally a book of Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method. I hope you find it as profound and effective as I did.” Derek Sivers, founder, CD Baby

Contents of this 400+ page book include:

Foreword: Derek Sivers, founder, CD Baby
Introduction: Tom Jackson

Chapter 1-Why We Do This
Chapter 2-Where the Money Comes From
Chapter 3-How My Method Works

Chapter 4-Getting a Vision for Your Live Performance
Chapter 5-Creating Moments
Chapter 6-The Set List
Chapter 7-Shorter or Longer Sets

Chapter 8-Understanding Your Audience
Chapter 9-Loving Your Audience
Chapter 10-Confidence, Authority, and Charisma
Chapter 11-Courage to Take Risks

Chapter 12-Fundamentals
Chapter 13-Your Onstage Tools
Chapter 14-Roles of the Band Onstage

Chapter 15-What Rehearsal Should Look Like
Chapter 16-The Next Phase of Rehearsal
Chapter 17-Speaking to Your Audience

Chapter 18-Setting Up Multiple Streams of Income
Chapter 19-The Music Business River: Creative Tributary
Chapter 20-The Music Business River: Business Tributary
Chapter 21-The Music Business River: Relationship Tributary
Chapter 22-Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of an Artist 425

Jaxicon: Tom Jackson’s lexicon of terms

“Tom Jackson is the best Live Music Producer in the world, period! The hidden gem in his book, however, is his section on Business Principles. Tom’s pinpointed the secrets to financial success in an artist’s career. Streams of income keep your family fed and your artistry growing. But if you don’t know how to capitalize on the powerful Moments and products you create, you’re missing the mark … and you probably won’t be around as long as you want to be and as long as we need you to be.” Mike Smith, manager (Restless Heart, Jaci Velasquez, David Frizzell, Salvador)

* Handling fee still applies for most int’l shipping